Perspex Framing – A Quick Way To Framing

When it comes to framing photographs, there is so much for you to choose from. Every piece of art or photograph ultimately gets to appear at its best with one or other kind of frame. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the frames, careful selection of the frames is done. And, yes the size of the frames also matter.

Best Variant of Acrylic

Perspex framing is made up of acrylic. Perspex and acrylic are kind of the same thing. However, Perspex has a better reputation from among the variants of acrylic blocks. They are available as blocks in different colours, textures, sheet sizes, and panels cut to specific size. They are also available in exciting ranges of effects like silk, matt, living edge, fluorescent, pearlescent, diamond surface and more.

Floating Acrylic Frames

Floating Acrylic frames made with Perspex provides for a chic look. This frame is light weight and it is a shatter resistant product. Therefore, it is impossible to tell this product apart from the glasses that are seen in a frame. These frames are available in custom sizes to fit the frame. These frames are considered to be perfect solutions for marketing materials and also for posters. The quality of look achieved is also pristine.

Grades of Perspex Framing

Special UV grade acrylic sheets with excellent ultraviolet absorbing properties block the UV rays that can damage the painting. This is mostly used to protect valuable painting, particularly those at museums and art galleries. In cases, where there are minor scratches it can be rectified by making use of Perspex polish. This will help clear off the imperfections in the Perspex and the acrylic sheet.

Clear the Dust and Grime

It is very easy to clean Perspex framing. You can use just a drop of washing liquid in a solution of lukewarm water. A soft cloth can be used to clear the dust and grime deposited on the frame surface. When standard glass sprays are used for the cleaning, it is important to make use of those sprays that do not have wax as a component in it. Those who are willing to use these frames in the bathrooms need to ensure that they are getting a water tight finish. A range of creative applications have been seen for these frames. Vintage scarves are and thin pieces of textiles are displayed in these frames in retail outlets.

When the photo or artwork is trapped between two pieces of Acrylic it will be trapped effectively and it will create an appearance where it will seem that the photo is floating frameless. The appearances you can achieve with these frames are matchless. Those who have an eye of admiration would surely love this floating wonder. And having all your family photographs done on acrylic is going to render magic in the eyes of the onlooker of these pictures.