How The College Student Saves Money On Books?

As a university student, you are often forced to find a large number of study materials for every course you undertake per semester. This can easily rack up to become one of the largest expenses of the university student, but fear not – below are some of the ways to cut down expenses on books:used textbooks

  • 2nd hand textbooks – the most common way to save money on your textbooks is to simply buy them used. If you are the type of student who loves buying new books, you might have to part with this preference in college, because expenses can become quite taxing on your budget otherwise. Plus, you would be surprised to know that most used university textbooks actually fit in with your idea of a ‘new book’ – unlike the common expectation for these books, they are surprisingly in good condition and free of annoying scribbles or doodles (you might find a note or remark here and there, but chances are it actually is something relevant to the lesson – a bonus titbit per se).
  • University students – the other way to find good used textbooks in decent conditions is to simply ask from the students a year above you – or in certain cases, the students in your same year if the university gives much leeway when it comes to the order of the courses. Most study materials are used only for a specific course, which means that they become unwanted baggage that tends to rack up over time. Basically, this means that most students are only too glad to get rid of their books as soon as the coursework is over – even if this at a lower price. Check out more here.
  • E-books – in today’s digital era, it only makes sense that study materials be in a digital format. Even if you do not have a dedicated e-book reader, there is no reason as to why you should not explore this option, because you can just as easily read an e-book on your laptop or even smartphone. And most importantly, e-books tend to be only a fraction of their paperback editions’ cost! Of course, you might not find every academic book, but you can at least find the additional fiction or non-fiction books specified in the list of additional study materials.
  • Online stores – purchasing books online, just as in the case of every other online purchase, tends to be considerably cheaper. If you were still hoping to buy a new book of the latest edition in paperback format, then online purchases might be the only way for you to buy them cheaply. Most big online websites have dedicated academic book categories for you to search through; alternatively, there are also dedicated booksellers online, or even those who only focus on academic books.